Infestation by islands

A song intersecting the archipelago
breaks away in parabola-instincts,

clichs tossed starboard at
midnight, with wrist-watches,

cocktail napkins, strands of hair.
In Baltic waters, fervor means

futbol or maypole, blueberry
liquored down a departing

evening gown. Windows rubbed
with kerosene repel spiders

and fruit flies. Her earrings
are silk egg-sacks waiting

to please, to release spiders
into corners, her impending

malaise infests the pitch-black
deck. Against the lights

of Stockholm, she imagines a house
webbed in yellow fever, infection

resting against her shoulder.
Syntax in flames, she announces

cloud-cover, the nothing that cant
be collared by land, air or sea.


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