Misericord for Two Voices

She said I'll mix
my heart in, wear it
like a worsted coat, plant
my natural law in wet pipe 
tobacco while mergansers 
swim at midnight  "o beautiful" 

	oh beautiful I'm confused 
	as a banjo's belly he said 
	sugar come over, wisteria
 	blooms in any frame
	and here I am behind smoked
	glass riming the catkins again


Lets live on an island under palm trees. 

I'll find a button by the roadside, a one-armed

bandit, a bucket of dent corn,  we'll eat boiled kumquat

on a weedy sidewalk stretched between develop and devastate.

Give me the once-over; I'll give you oratory 

and orange root, ride the bilge water dressed

 in cabbage-leaf,  it's going to rain and I've been thinking

a lot about figure skating, last year's spring peepers 

forgotten hats--bowler, porkpie, stovepipe.

I swear in my mind I'm brushing your hair 

and the nite-light flickers just the way you like it


she said a Pindaric ode from memory, 
he picked pebbles and shells from
his rough-cast siding she gazed
at the somewhere else diamond
glades and sprouting graves
he saw too he said the looping
gulls that yell love songs
at each other while they can.

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