Vertigo to Eros

Turn back the white distance O nervous
maps! a sudden figure etched in the retina:

fitful angel snipping sutures, stitching
bizzaro costumes, near-sighted finery sways

the eye's mind, pendant on a chain.
Deft skeleton, such cargo -- flesh,

my friend, brain's machinery going everywhere,
a fresh-washed face: elegy for the living -- heavy

furrows weave the landscape. O my el greco!
skein of sad fictions, afflictions like bees

to a bright aster bed. On this island, failing eyesight
undresses the sea. Broken light narrows, pinpoints

barebosom working out tensions strung between
birdbones. Daily renaissance, brush-strokes

distorted by the glass, schoolchildren's eyes
turn on a dime, imprint the world. Your own

peculiar surface elongated, pressed
to crevices, cloud formations.

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